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Maryland Minute 2.28.10 - Terrell Stoglin Wins State Championship

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Terrell Stoglin Is a Champion
Fourth time's a charm. Props to Terrell for a great season and great HS career.

Pe'Shon Says a Big Recruit Will Be at MD-Duke
Says Quinn Cook will be in the building, and I believe Mikael Hopkins will be there too. So, who's this "big name"? Pe'Shon isn't telling. I'll have an ear open.

Duke Easily Tops Virginia
It's early, but I'm calling it. That means that Duke has to lose to UNC in their season finale for Maryland to win the ACC outright.

Wake Forest Loses to UNC
Which is important because....

Georgia Tech Beats Boston College
So if GT wins their final two and WF loses their final two, Maryland would get the #1 seed in the ACC tournament.

Kevin Cowherd Wants "the Dookies"
Wait, will "Dookies" be in print? Because I kind of always assumed that the Baltimore Sun would be above calling Duke the equivalent of poop. I mean, not like there's a ton of difference, but still.

Bruce Campbell Dominated the Combine, Will Probably Be Rewarded With the Raiders
Good for Bruce. Also, bad for Bruce. At least he'll be with Darius Heyward-Bey and right across the bay from Vernon Davis. Why did the Bay Area become a Terp haven?