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With Virginia Tech In the Mirror, It's Duke Half Week

The only thing I like about football more than basketball is the prep time. In football, we can have Dallas Week, or UVA Week. In basketball, there's no Duke Week, which is a shame - it should be a mandate that we have a week to pysched for a game of this magnitude.

Maryland will probably be ranked. Duke will probably be in the top 3. Comcast will be rocking. It'll be Señor Night. It'll be a Gold Rush. It'll be for ACC Player of the Year. It'll be for a share of the ACC title. Maybe it'll be for the whole ACC title.

At least for the regular season, this is The Big One

Despite Duke fans' beliefs, this is a rivalry game, and it's Greivis Vasquez, Landon Milbourne, and Eric Hayes' final shot at the Dukies. They surely don't want their last memories to be of Duke beating them in their own stadium. KenPom has Duke by 3 right now, meaning it'll probably be a close game that comes down the final buzzer. Again. Some of us will have heart attacks, but it'll be worth it if Maryland wins.

This is what college basketball is about. Wednesday can't come soon enough.