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Maryland Minute 2.24.10 - Notes on the Clemson Comeback

Terrapins rally from nine-point halftime deficit to upend Clemson - WAPO

It's hard to put this out there because they've broken my heart so many times before but I'm just going to come out and say it: I'm falling in love with this team.

"We just grind and we just work for 40 minutes," Mosley said. "Tonight, we probably grinded and worked for 35 or 34 minutes, but we found a way to get the win, and that's the most important thing for us. . . . We just put everything out there in the second half and, you know, when you got everybody clicking and everybody on the same page, it's hard to stop us."

Tracking the Terps: Notes on the 88-79 win

Two points here; 1. Greivis had a mild stomach ailment which may explain his slow start tonight. 2. I had mixed feelings on the "We want Duke" chant at the end of the game.  We still have to go play a tough VT team at their place before we get Dook.

Stevens: Mosley's Scoring Breakout Another Positive

Nice, free article by the King of Terps Sportswriting, Patrick Stevens.  Mosley was very encouraging tonight. Makes you worry a lot less about next season.   

Vasquez Makes Naismith Midseason List

He's one of 6 ACC players, and 30 overall players to be named to the list.

Does Vasquez belong with all-time Terps greats? -

Yes. 4th all-time in points, 2nd in assists. Now he just needs to add an ACC championship or Sweet 16 banner to the rafters.     

Jordan Williams Readying for Trevor Booker

His plan?

"Just to bump him and let him know I’m not going to be pushed around," Williams said. "I think that sometimes players think they can just come in and move you around when you’re a freshman. I just want to make a statement right away."

- Ben B.

Note: I know the game already happened but its still a good read. 

Clemson-Maryland could eliminate ACC intrigue - Parrish

Win this, and Maryland stays in the running. Lose, and we're out of it for the ACC title. - Ben B.