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Maryland Minute 2.23.10 - Media Members Stepping Up to Terps' Defense


Props to Ben B. for most of today's links.

In defense of the Maryland Terrapins - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
One of the best pieces I've read on ESPN in a while. Does a great job saying how much better Maryland is than their RPI and the AP/ESPN polls indicate. Also points out that any coach that has to face Maryland as a "7 seed" will not be very happy with the NCAA tournament selection committee for seeding them that low. Props to The Fin for bringing the article to our attention. - DT

Greivis Vasquez: Player of the Week
More national attention for Greivis.

One-of-a-kind Vasquez makes his mark at Maryland | Washington Examiner 
Another good GV article. I feel like his ACC POY campaign is starting to pick up some steam...

"He's just a great player. We keyed on him to make sure he couldn't get going offensively. We double-teamed him, and he still found a way to help his team: He took seven free throws and had eight assists," Yellow Jackets coach Paul Hewitt said."   

Ben G. 

Greivis Vasquez Will Probably Catch Juan Dixon If Maryland Makes the Final Four
Other than that? Probably not.

Time to Be Sad About Deuce Bello

Not listing Maryland here. Look, I know, he might've forgotten or whatever, but why, just once, can't we be on a player's list right away? Please?

The Juggernaut's Journey: Stuck in a Numbers Game - D1SCOURSE
The latest on Cory Jackson's attempt to make it to the NFL; He wasn't invited to the combine, but he's currently training with Detroit Lions Fullback Coach and former Raven, Sam Gash. - Ben G.   

Born Ready Will Return for Another Year
This makes me sad.