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Derrick Favors Wins the Battle, But Jordan Williams Gets the Last Laugh

Jordan Williams vs. Derrick Favors: we billed it as a matchup of the two best freshmen in the ACC, and in the end, that's what it was. Unfortunately, one was just significantly better, and it wasn't the good guy.

Jordan was solid and had a few big plays - one commenter in the game thread said, after a Jordan Williams putback and dive for a loose ball, that Jordan was "keeping [Maryland] in the game". And he did - Jordan is a crucial part of this team.

Favors, though, showed why he, and not Williams, will win ACC Freshman of the Year. He ended up with more than twice the point as Jordan, and finished up with 18 rebounds to boot (one less, actually, than J-Dub's 12). He was the best player on the floor for Georgia Tech, and would've been the player of the game had it not been for Cliff Tucker's dagger.

But Favors isn't markedly better than Jordan, and it was Jordan's team that got the win. At this point next year, Favors figures to be in New Jersey or Minnesota. Jordan, on the other hand, will be in College Park for at least one more year, probably two, and possibly three. And he'll do so as one of the best big men in the ACC, maybe even carrying Maryland in the future.

If you have the choice between a few extra points per game for three fewer years, you don't take that deal. So even though Favors might be better right now and will end up with the hardware, I'm happier with Jordan Williams on my team.