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Lost in the Moment: Greivis Vasquez Tops 2,000 Points

Nothing about Greivis Vasquez's career has been quiet, from the shimmies to the spectacular passes to the quotes to the press. In fact, the easiest way to describe Vasquez's personality is "loud". It's a bit ironic, then, that he scored his 2000th point early in a contest in which he was mostly overshadowed in by Cliff Tucker's outstanding buzzer-beater and Eric Hayes' important final minute contributions.

Make no mistake, he was great again and Maryland's best player on the floor, as usual. And had Keith Booth's timeout not invalidated that final halfcourt heave, this post would have an entirely different feel. But down the stretch, a lot of people stepped up and garnered more of our attention than Vasquez did, perhaps for the first time all season. In a way, that's a subtle homage, or maybe a gift - for once, it wasn't Vasquez that had to take the big shot.

Vasquez scored the 2,000th point on a catch and shoot jumper early in the game. He's just Maryland's 6th player to surpass the mark, which he punctuated with one of his traditional shimmies. It's just another notch in one of Maryland's best's belt. This won't settle the debate over whether or not he's an all-time great, but hopefully the remainder of the season will.

Either way, here's to Greivis Vasquez, a real man of genius