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Maryland Minute 2.18.10 - Saluting "General Greivis"

Must Read on GV

From the Raleigh News Observer of all places. Apparently, he is five points away from becoming the only ACC player with 2000 points, 700 assists, and 600 rebounds. On a night where he (along with JWill) was the team, he remarked "I think my teammates carried me today."

Seriously, if you don't love this guy, I question your Terps fanhood.  

Love him or hate him, Terps' Vasquez produces -

More talk on the growing legacy of Greivis Vasquez. It's going to be a sad day when he leaves College Park. 

Terps 4th in ACC Power Rankings

I still believe the Terps are the second best team in the ACC, but based on the loss to Wake, and VT being 21-4, fourth isn't completely outrageous.  

Interest Words from Gary on JWill

Via Terrapins Insider:

"At this point in his career he's on a fine line between being good and not being so good, because he's not a great athlete yet," Gary Williams said. "I think there's a great athlete there if he works hard this spring and summer in the weight room, just like Lonny Baxter. He's the best reference I can use. ... Lonny became a much better athlete. Chris Wilcox became a much better athlete after their freshman year. What they do is they get a look at what they have to work on, not just hear it from a coach but see it for themselves and then get it done if they're so inclined, and hopefully Jordan will go that way."

You never know but he seems like a guy who's going to put in the work. 

Terps: From two wins to bowl game? - Dinich

A bowl game certainly isn't out of the question but I'm not getting my hopes up until I see Jamarr and the new O-line.  

Heat's on Cottle; Terps Bank on Experience

Dave Cottle might be fighting for his lacrosse life this year. Then again, not a lot is expected from the national media, either; might fly under the radar. - Ben B.

Gary Williams = All-Time Win's Leader -Deadspin

Someone got this picture on Deadspin of the Comcast description of last night's MD-NC State game. According to Comcast, we all apparently missed Gary becoming the all-time win's leader in college basketball, as he got his 1,000 victory against NC State on Jan 23rd and last night was his 1,005th. Take that Coach K/Dean Smith/Bob Knight/Pat Summit! - DT

A Coach K first: Duke targets junior college prospect - The Dagger - NCAAB Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Why should Maryland fans care? Because Duke has NEVER offered a JuCo kid in the past. And because Gary and his staff have done pretty well getting players from JuCos in the past (Steve Francis, Jamar Smith, Boom) and if Coach K makes a regular habit of this, it probably isn't good for us. Definitely something to watch going forward, to see if Duke continues this trend into the future. - DT