ACC Head Coaching Power Rankings

Here is my the way these rankings consider recruiting to be 50 percent of the job and coaching them up to be 50 percent of the job

Note that this list is not results dependent---i'm just trying to rank their abilities


1. Ratface  (recruting 9/10, Coaching 10/10)

2. GW (recruiting 7/10, Coaching 10/10)

3.Roy "Aw Shucks" Williams (recruiting 10/10, coaching 6/10)

4. Greenberg (recruiting 6/10, coaching 8/10)

5. Haith (recruiting 8/10, coaching 7/10)

6.Oliver Purnell (recruiting 8/10, coaching 5/10)

7. Bennett (recruiting 7/10, coaching 5/10)

8. Leonard Hamilton (recruiting 6/10, coaching 4/10)

9. Paul Hewitt (recruiting 10/10, coaching 1/10)

10.Dino Gaudio (recruting 7/10, coaching 1/10)

11. Al Skinner (recruiting 2/10, coaching 6/10)

12. Sid Lowe (recruting 7/10, coaching 0/10)



-NC State has a real problem on their hand.  They have to get rid of Lowe, but man---what a legacy that is to force out.  They better hope he steps aside, but he doesn't seem like the stepping aside type.  My gut is that they give him another year and that after that, they will have to move on.

-I'm  probably too high on Frank Haith--I think he has something going finally at Miami.  I really like the recruiting class he brought in and that's a tough job at Miami with how little they care about basketball.  Also, his zone defense really impressed me against Duke yesturday

-Welcome to the ACC Mr. Bennett

-You could make a case for any arrangement of the top 3 coaches I have there.

-When does GTech move on from Hewitt? I know he took them to the final game with Jack and company but man--the last few years have had so many  McD's AA's and so few wins

-How much longer does BC stay with Skinner--I mean sure he had a nice run with dudley and rice.  But man--their recruiting picture looks BLEAK.  People complain about Maryland's recruiting but they are COMPLETELY devoid of talent and it doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon.  He will certainly get a few more years--but I predict this is the beginning of the end for the Skinner era.

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