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Maryland Minute 2.17.10 - Is Greivis a MD "All-Time Great"?

Another great win tonight.  Gotta love the toughness they showed on the road. 

Seth Davis ACC Mailbag
Ok, not a lot of love for Seth around these parts, but he calls Greivis an all-time MD great. I'm inclined to agree. - Ben B.

My Take: Currently 6th all-time in points and 2nd all-time in assists. Numbers don't lie.

Three Maryland football players named Academic All-ACC -
Travis Baltz, A.J. Francis, and Paul Pinegar, were three of only thirty ACC players selected for the honor. 

San Francisco 49ers' Vernon Davis an unlikely curling fan - Ann Killion -

Lets continue with our recent blast to the Terps past, today with former Terps football great Vernon Davis. I think this is one of the best qualities about VD - he seems like a real down to earth person and does something like this. It is kind of funny when you think about one of the strongest players in the NFL doing curling. - DT 

Wake Forest Demon Deacons vs. Maryland Terrapins - Recap - February 17, 2003 - ESPN
Since we've had a blast from the past theme going, thought I'd throw in a game recap from this day in MD Sports history - #13 Md defeated #11 Wake in College Park in the original snow game. The win moved MD to 8-3 in the ACC (hopefully we can repeat that tonight). - DT

UNC Falls to Georgia Tech, 68-51
Why include this clip? For a little perspective. The point total in this loss by UNC was the lowest in the Roy Williams Era; The year after a National Championship. Just thought people might want to appreciate that, especially those that think Maryland should have been a top 10 team for the several years after we won the 2002 title. It's not that easy to remain at that elite level.

UNC has what most believed to be some of the best talent in the nation this year, yet they're just 2 games above .500. Maryland got some of the top recruits following our title in 2002 and they didn't pan out as people thought they would either. Recruiting evaluation isn't an exact science and this is yet another example. And nothing can be as valuable as experience. - DT

'Born Ready' Still Coming Along
A not exactly complimentary piece from FanHouse on everyone's famous former fling. - Ben B.