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Maryland Minute 2.16.10 - Blake Traded, One Writer's Take on Dixon


It feels like the early 2000s all over again; Steve Blake and Juan Dixon lead off our Terps news for the day.  

Portland Trail Blazers Trade Steve Blake to Los Angeles Clippers - ESPN

The Clippers traded Marcus Camby to the Blazers for Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake. Dagger for Blake. He goes from a contending Portland team where he was well-liked in the community to the Lakers' redheaded step brother, the Clippers. Blake is in a contract year, so hopefully he can continue to show his value as a pass-first PG in the league and sign with a team this off-season. This hasn't been a good week for the starting 5 from the Natty team. - Dave T.

Dixon's Suspension Might Not be as Bad as Originally thought - Sporting News

This article by Andy Hutchins talks about the type of steroid that Dixon tested positive for (Nandrolone) and said Dixon never had a problem with it before. So, it makes Dixon's positive test seem much less significant. But it does again raise a point that athletes should know what's in these supplements before they take them. Or pay someone to know for you. - Dave T. 

My Take: I'm reserving judgement until we know all the facts. You really, really, really want to believe Dixon here. 

GV's Ever-Involving Facial Hair

If the Terps somehow make it to the Final Four or win the ACC Tourney, I want to see some Tracy Porter action from Greivis.

ACC Journal says Terps win 85-72 

No complaints, sounds about right. 

Notebook: Can Padgett's Role Increase? - IMS

Not substantially but probably by a few minutes as the season wears on. Regardless, it seems that Padge is no longer in Gary's "doghouse."

"I wish I had played James more early. You saw him tonight," Gary Williams said of Padgett, who scored four points in 13 minutes, the most he’s played in a league game. "He does some things that are really great and then he makes a move like, ‘What was that, what just happened there?’ But that’s James, he’s going to do that for a while and you have to accept that because guys miss shots and there’s really not that much different missing a shot than blowing a play that you didn’t run particularly well. So James is coming, he’s got that quick-jump thing that you can’t teach and as he sees where he can use that, he’s going to really be effective for us."

Maryland makes effort to feed Jordan Williams in post - Terrapins Insider

Gotta love quotes like these:

"My competitiveness came out of me. I was really upset at the play of the big men down at Duke. I took that personally. So tonight I wanted to come out and play strong and show my teammates that I could come back from a bad game and play good."

This guy's got a bright future the next four years.  

Q&A with Will Yeatman - D1scourse

I'm wondering how much he'll play in the fall. He won't have played in a year and won't be be in spring practice. But he's certainly talented few spots are as open as TE. - Ben B.

The Situation with Santa Fe Cafe

1: Asher Rother is a Maryland fan? Can we get an Asher/Wale duet and just hand it out to recruits on visit day?

2: Mike Posner will be rolling through town for Fe's rechristening. Good: One Foot Out the Door was one of my favorite fall mixtapes. Bad: He goes to Duke. Go and heckle him. - Ben B.

Greatest Bracket Ever -

It doesn't have the Terps. Or basketball teams at all, for that matter. But if you're a fan of the SI Swimsuit Edition, this is a must see.