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Maryland Minute 2.15.10 - Monday Polls/Bracketology

Big win for the Terps tonight.  Keep in mind that these polls/projections don't take it into account.  Props to Ben B. for help on the links today. 

Maryland an 8 Seed in RTC's Bracketology

Getting Kentucky in the second round. GV vs. John Wall = OMG.

My Take: John Wall vs. anybody = bad news for the other team. 

Lunardi Has Maryland as an 8

Second round matchup against Syracuse. I think we'll end up higher than an 8, but lets compare Lunardi's and RTC's brackets for a second. Who would rather have in Round 2: Syracuse or Kentucky? - Ben G.

Terps "Should be in" - ESPN Bubble Watch

Schlabach also says that MD is struggling to get to "lock status." With the UVA victory tonight, I'd say three more ACC victories should do the trick. - Ben G.

Latest SBN Bracketology Puts Maryland at a 9

Against Richmond.

Terps 3rd in Local Poll

Behind Georgetown and Virginia Tech. You could maybe make a case for second but VT has the same conference record and a better OOC record. - Ben G. 

Ranking the conference PoY candidates: Vaz in 3rd

I'd be shocked if Delaney won it. He might technically be 2nd to some people, but the odds of him winning are basically 0. And this didn't take into account tonight's outburst, which should be good for a spot...or two.

UM's Yow thrives in '24/7' caldron of college athletics

Good stuff from Jeff Barker at the Sun. The first major thing that I noticed is that my job isn't all that different from Yow's, apparently. See below:

"The first e-mail said, 'This proves you're the best AD Maryland has ever had,' " Yow recalled of that early December day. "The second e-mail read, 'I will have you fired by 5 o'clock tomorrow afternoon and I'm going right to President Mote.' "

Hey, look at that! Just kidding, of course, I'm sure this has happened to all of us at some point....maybe not to that extent, but you get it. Now on to the good stuff.

"Duke and North Carolina treat their men's basketball program as an institution, as their most valuable asset, but the athletic department at Maryland doesn't do that," said Baldwin, a paying member of FOG (Friends of Gary) who added that he is close to neither Yow nor Williams.


"Nothing replaces success in the revenue sports. Nothing," Yow said. "That's not to take away from the success in the Olympic sports - they do matter. It isn't a replacement for success in the flagship sports. We need to be successful in those, and we have been. The men who were successful are still here. There's no reason we can't do that again. I have faith in their abilities. Neither of them has forgotten how to coach."

What to Watch For in Spring Practice - Dinich

I'll have a breakdown coming in early March through the first day of practice, but I definitely think the QB competition will be fun.

Q&A with Maryland QB Robinson

Don't glean too much information about it, but J-Rob seems pretty confident, but not cocky.

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap

Stoglin nearly dropped 40. Can't wait.

My Take: I've got a feeling he emerges as the starting PG next season by the time ACC play rolls around.