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Future's Better than the Present: 2011 Recruiting Databases Up

To get over the Duke game, I drowned myself in Red Bull and html tables, looking toward the future and dreaming up the best possible combination of 2011 recruiting classes, both of which are about to pick up. Because when the present sucks, you might as well look to the future.

I ended up with two actual, real database-type of pages, converting my previous intros of 2011 recruiting targets into a more aesthetic, eyeball-friendly layout. I'm not exactly trying to contend with Rivals anytime soon, but if you don't want to wade through 50 "offers" for Maryland in the Rivals search, this is a good place to get caught up with the targets, both football and basketball. None of the info is particularly new, and like the intros, none of the info is "mine"; they're all impressions received from readings and highlights of other places. The HTML was borrowed and altered from the good folks over at Tomahawk Nation, so props to them. Here's an example of what the target entry looks like:


HS / Hometown: Sanford / Hockessin, DE 
AAU: Team Final
Measurables: 6-3 / 185

Rankings and Profiles:
-Rivals, #29 SG, #121 nationally
-ESPN: 95, #25 nationally
-Scout, #9 SG, #44 nationally

Other Schools: Notre Dame, Ohio State, Pitt, Rutgers, Syracuse, Villanova

NotesThink J.J. Redick, only less douche-y. He's a shooter's shooter, and he's been said to possess "the perfect jump shot". Syracuse will be tough to beat, but Maryland is definitely involved and should be in it through the long run. He'll likely make an early decision, which is good for all parties.

Major Strengths: Shooting, shooting, shooting. This guy makes Eric Hayes look like a bad shooter. SLAM decided that, if they were building the perfect player, they'd use Trevor Cooney's stroke (link is above). He has deceptive athleticism, too.

Needs Improvement: He can tend to be a little unconscious with the ball, just kind of jacking shots up. He's not going to beat too many people off the dribble.

Odds: Likes Cuse and Nova a lot, but Maryland has been there the entire time and I think he's already been to College Park. People say he's a "Big East guy", but they said that about Tobias Harris, too.



Sexy, huh?

The football page is here, and the basketball page is here. They will remain at those pages, and will also always be accessible on the sidebar under the Recruiting Databases widget on the left-hand side.

These are works in progress. I'm working on embedded videos for the football database like I have for the basketball database, as well as a scholarship chart, a depth chart, and jump links. They'll also be constantly updated with new targets, rankings, videos, and impressions. Seriously, if I go a day without updating them, it'll be a surprise.

I'm also trying to work out a TT Big Board of sorts like the one we did last summer, though I'm trying to figure out a good way to do the polls without doing one a day and going from 1 to 20. If anyone has any ideas on that front, hit me up on the comments. Any requests or suggestions for the pages are also welcomed.

Other than that, enjoy.