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Poll Time: Are you confident the Terps can beat a "good" team?

Obviously, today's loss was incredibly deflating. I didn't think Maryland was winning this game, but I thought we stood a fighting chance. Once Duke went on a 15-0 run to make it 20-6, you had the feeling it was pretty much over. It was just one of those days where nothing seemed to go right.

After the game ended, amidst much frustration, my roommate and I got in an argument over how good this team really is.

He said that he had no confidence the Terps could beat a good team. (We'll loosely define a "good" team as a ranked team.) I disagreed. He pointed to all the early non-conference losses, the loss at Clemson, and today's debacle. I pointed to the two FSU wins (one of which while FSU was actually ranked), and the heartbreaking two point overtime loss to Wake Forest. I also thought the 20+ point shrubbing of UNC, N.C. State, and Miami, showed that these Terps are a pretty darn good team.

After much debate, I've decided to open it up to you all. Do you have confidence that MD can actually beat a "good" (ranked) team? Was today just an aberration or a sign of bigger things?

Fire away, below.