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Maryland Minute 2.12.10 - Lance Thomas is Doubtful for Duke-Maryland Game

We got a loaded Minute today. Might actually take 2 minutes. For clarity's sake, I'll divide it up into categories:

Duke Game

Lance Thomas Doubtful
I wouldn't count on him playing at this point. And I'm torn on whether its good or bad for Maryland. One the one hand, he provides depth and defense. On the other hand, the Plumlees provide much more problems offensively and I'm more afraid of Mason than Lance.

ESPN Preview of MD-Duke

These two teams are evenly matched, but I think that Duke is the better team overall. But Maryland has shown a great deal of toughness and guts this season and the Terps have really fought on the road with a 4-2 record. I like Maryland to squeak this one out on the road.
Jay Bilas is the best Dookie ever.

Seth Davis Predicts 8 Point Duke Victory
Eh, I could see that.

Greivis Vasquez has earned grudging respect of Cameron Crazies - WAPO
Great piece on GV's relationship with the "Crazies." I'm really going to miss this guy... - Ben G.

Davis: ACC goes retro — Duke, Maryland vying for title
Another article by Ken Davis. Basically talks about Terps and Duke duking it out for the ACC title. He points out Maryland still doesn't have a big win and if they lose at Duke, who knows how they'll finish the season, but points out that Gary has been here before and understands how fast momentum can change. Good to see Terps getting more national attention. - Dave T.

Coach K to the Nets? Don't see it happening, but 1) if it did it would result in a massive shakeup in the conference, and 2) hopefully this gets blown out of proportion some more and it becomes a distraction for Duke.

General Basketball

Shooting solves Terps' issues - Beyond the Arc
Gives a give a comparison of MD stats from last year and compares them to this year. Makes it pretty clear as to why this team is winning more games. Davis suggests this is the best Gary's offense has looked since Juan was here. - Dave T.

More from Basketball Prospectus on the Terps
Flying under the radar.

Maryland is in second place in the ACC and can take the lead Sunday when it hosts first-place Duke. Yet while they rank No. 24 this week on The List, no else seems to be noticing the Terrapins as they did not receive a single vote in the AP poll.



"I've been in this a long time and I know it's wise not to get into other things beyond preparing for the next game," Williams said. "There's too much work to do to worry about where we are in the conference. We've only played half our conference games. There are still eight more games to go. I've seen it happen too many times where a team gets carried away with the way things have gone early in a conference race, starts thinking about things like who has the easiest schedule and winds up losing its focus. We've just got to keep our focus."

UMD Plus/Minus Numbers
From our very own jellisjenius, Maryland's plus/minus numbers halfway through the season. Patrick Stevens has stopped doing them and I know of nowhere else to get them, so I'd encourage those of you that don't venture to the FanPost area to check them out.

ACC Tournament....Bracketology
Actually, this makes more sense than NCAAT bracketology. Maryland would be a 3 going up against the winner of Clemson/Miami. Second round matchup would be Wake or the winner of FSU/UNC. At this point, I'll take the second round matchup, but I'm not feeling Clemson in the first round.

CHN Bracketology - Maryland an 8 Seed
6 is the magic number for me. I can deal with a 3 seed; not confident about knocking off a 1 or 2.

Brenda Frese wins her 250th game
Good for Brenda. She gets crap, but she will retire with lots and lots of wins.


Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Good stuff as always from Bracken.

Meyer's Mailbag Chock-Full of Semi-Terps Stuff
Lotsa stuff here. First off, he says N.C. State has "more than a decent shot at landing [C.J.] Leslie." Please no. Get him out to Oregon or something.

Second, he compares Desmond Hubert and Mikael Hopkins, two of Maryland's biggest 2011 targets.

Hubert and Hopkins are four-star post players who will be gunning for five-star status during the travel-team season. Hopkins (6-8, 220), of Hyattsville (Md.) DeMatha High School, is a little more polished offensively and stronger physically than Hubert. Hubert (6-8, 195), from Cream Ridge (N.J.) New Egypt High School, is a better athlete, defender and rebounder than Hopkins.
Lastly, this tasty tidbit about everyone's favorite Oregonian, Terrence Ross:
[Duke fans forgetting about Terrence Ross] would be a good idea - at least as far as the 2010 class is concerned. Ross recently transferred back home to Portland (Ore.) Jefferson High School from Rockville (Md.) Montrose Academy. There are major questions about his ability to qualify academically this year, and it is expected that he will need a year of prep school.

NC State give Sid Lowe a vote of confidence
It's easy to hate on Sid Lowe, probably the worst Xs and Os coach in the ACC, but him sticking around isn't good news: his recruiting classes are loaded, and will probably stay that way for quite some time. It's only a matter of time before he lucks into a great year, and that'll happen sooner than later.


Ok, This is Getting Ridiculous: NCAA Tightens Excessive Celebration Rules
You want to high-step into the end-zone? Maybe dive over the pylon unnecessarily? Bye-bye touchdown.

Basically, the change would make unsportsmanlike conduct a live-ball foul, meaning, for example, that a taunting gesture en route to a touchdown would nullify the score and be penalized from the spot of the foul. The change would not impact penalties for celebrations in the end zone after a score...because those dead-ball fouls would continue to be assessed on the ensuing kickoff or extra-point/two-point conversion attempt.
Hey, look at the bright side: if Maryland's defense is that bad again, maybe this rule will save a TD or two. I kid, I kid.