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Maryland Minute 2.11.10 - Terps Cracking Power Rankings

Props to Ben B. for most of today's links. 

Maryland #29 in Mandel's Power Rankings
Sounds about right. A win over Duke would vault them into the top 16.

Terps Back to #24 in the ESPN Power RAnkings
Thanks to Andy Katz.

Midweek Bracketology: Terps #8
Standing pat.

Duke's Thomas doubtful vs. Terps with knee bruise -

Never like to celebrate anyone else's injury but this is a blow to Duke, and a big help to the Terps on Saturday. - Ben G.

Terrence Ross No Longer Considering Duke (or Vice Versa)

My Take: Oh well.  Having Ross play in Comcast as a Dookie would have been epic. 

Rivals High Piece on HS Transfers (IE, Ross)
Cameo from one of my favorite 2011 prospects, Jabari Brown, but the real star here is Stu Vetter.

"His mom decided that she wanted to move him and obviously that's her decision," Vetter said. "From Montrose's standpoint we wish him the best. We're disappointed but by the same token it was a parental decision." He added: "In general I would like to see players with more loyalty to their teams but that's an individual decision."

Thanks to W2BB for the link.

New recruiting rule could hurt Terps - Dinich
Nothing new that we didn't link yesterday but its still good that the story is getting some national attention. - Ben G.