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Maryland Minute 2.10.10 - Another Absurd NCAA Rule (This One Hurts MD)

The HCIW deal was suppose to help recruiting.  Thanks to a new NCAA rule, it will have the opposite effect.
The HCIW deal was suppose to help recruiting. Thanks to a new NCAA rule, it will have the opposite effect.

Props to Ben B. for the links today.

New Regulations Make James Franklin's Job a Lot Harder
This is another pretty big downer for me:

The NCAA has approved a new rule that limits coaches-in-waiting having direct contact with recruits. Assistant coaches are allowed more contact with recruits than a head coach, and now coaches-in-waiting have been confined to the same limits as head coaches.

What does that mean? James Franklin is allowed less contact with recruits than before. Hardly a killer, but it reduces the odds of a great 2011 class, which was looking like a possibility.

My Take:

I don't like this rule and not only because it adversely affects Maryland.  Sure, having a HCIW being able to recruit like any other assistant may provide some extra advantage.  But now teams with a HCIW will certainly be at a disadvantage.  Not only will they overall have less access as a staff, but in MD's case, one of the most important recruiters, the offensive coordinator, will have limited access compared with the OC of other schools.   Imagine being an offensive recruit and getting to have X amount of hours with the OC of Penn State and Rutgers, but having significantly less hours with the OC of MD.  It's going to hurt.  Now, a happy medium would be to treat the HCIW as something in between an assistant coach and a head coach.  Unfortunately, that makes too much sense for the NCAA. 

Saving Grace: Committee Takes Difficult Conditions Into Account
Which means that they'll know Maryland had 3 games in 5 days and 4 in 8, and adjust their expectations accordingly. I have to think 2-2 would be acceptable for the upcoming stretch.

ACC's pre-spring power rankings - Dinich
Maryland checks in at #9.

CFN Has the Terps at #76
After being in the 100s last year, I'll take that gladly.

Terrell Skinner Sets Sights on NFL
I hope he makes it. He's athletic and could definitely make a difference on an NFL roster.

Recruiting Report: Owings Mills' Donovan Smith a top 2011 recruit
He was in the 2011 preview (working on a full-fledged database, by the way). First offer was WVU, no favorites yet.

It's All Coming Together: Ross Back Home at Jefferson in Portland
With Terrence Jones. Duke, Kentucky, and Kansas still make up his list.

My Take: You go last Terrence Ross, because I don't care about you anymore.