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Maryland Minute 2.01.10 - Bubble Talk, Signing Day Links


Props to Ben B. for most of the links today.

Bubble Watch, v1.0

Duke is the only Lock in the conference. Maryland isn't sitting pretty - they're right on the bubble...again.

Is Maryland on the bubble? - ESPN

Two reasons for linking this. 1: Its a legitimate question to ask and one that Ben B. asked after the game yesterday. 2: They linked us in their story. - Ben G. 

Terps Depart One Bracketology

Bye, bye, national recognition. At least for the moment. 

Sources: 96-Team March Madness Is "Done Deal" - SbB

SportsByBrooks isn't always right, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Looks like Gary got his wish. We'll wait till its confirmed elsewhere to get too jumpy with it, though.

Bookmark This Link: Signing Day Central

Live updates from on Signing Day. They usually get updates quickly.

ESPN Signing Day Central

Actually didn't mention Maryland once, but it's a good place to catch up on football recruiting around the nation.

Quick Note on Juvonte Reddic - ESPN

Not much in the way of news, but they reiterate that he's "one of the top unsigned post players" left.

DeMatha-Gonzaga OT Highlights

Heck of a game. DeMatha lost, but Quinn Cook is still legit.

Mister Relevant: Why you shouldn't dismiss recruiting rankings

Interesting take, opposite of most bloggers, that actually defends recruiting rankings. Sure, it's from the Rivals people, but it still makes sense.

Bakich Has Success In Sight

I love me some Bakich.

"Will beats skill every single time," said Bakich. "We are going to be out-skilled on paper when you line up our roster next to the so-called juggernauts of college baseball in our conference. But nobody has out-trained us, nobody has out-worked us, nobody will out-hustle us and no one will out-will us."

North Carolina Has Collapsed Upon Itself

Got waxed by the Dean Dome. Matt Dougherty, anyone?

Pitt To The Big Ten? So Says...Someone...I Think... - SBN

If true - doubtful at the moment - then the Big East will be extremely desperate. Get ready for those rumors to heat back up again.