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Maryland Minute 12.08.10 - Notes from the Terps' Win over UNCG

Good victory over a not so good team.  Encouraged by Padgett's 9 boards, and Mychal Parker's contributions. 

Tracking the Terps: Notes on Terps 99, UNC Greensboro 56

Some interesting Gary quotes on the seniors and Parker, respectively.

"They’ve been loyal four-year players. That means a lot to me. With the ACC starting on Sunday, it’s very important that they play well."

On Parker -- "He’s got some skills, He's starting to learn the offense now. He's starting to get comfortable.'"

Justin Anderson BANGS On Kid For The And 1

He loves Gary. He loves coaches that yell in your face. He loves Maryland. He's boys with Greivis. This kid is meant to be a Terp.

Greg Whittington Has Explosive Senior Debut

Whittington's the type of guy that needs to put up 25+ a game, every night. He got off to a good start: 25 points and 13 boards. - BB

My Take:  Just sign the guy up now.  I'm not supremely confident in landing Hubert anymore, and Whittington seems better than the late big we usually add (sorry Steve Goins). 

Duke's Kyrie Irving sidelined indefinitely by right toe injury - ESPN

Big loss for Duke. They're still the ACC's top team without him, though. 

Busting the Bracket: Hubert not affected by Baru's decision

Nothing shocking here. Still says he's unsure when he will make a decision. 

Billy Cortes, Jason Herrick invited to 2011 MLS Draft Combine

And the annual tradition of Sasho putting Terps in the league continues...