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Maryland Minute - 12.07.10 - Terp Fan Support at Military Bowl

There has been a lot said about the Military Bowl - to attend or not attend; why spend $90 on a ticket; why did we get screwed in the selection process? I could go on and on. The main issue is and will continue to be that fans didn't come out in droves to Byrd this year to support this team. And if we don't make it to the ACC title game next year, we better show support at this game or bowls are going to continue to pass us over and the same thing could happen again.

Tracking the Terps: Friedgen, bowl director urge Terps fans to attend game - Jeff Barker -
I'm definitely going to try to attend. Heck, maybe we could do a Testudo Times meet-up and tailgate? But if you REALLY want people to attend, DON'T SCHEDULE THIS FREAKING GAME AT 2:30 ON A WEDNESDAY! And why are tickets for this more expensive than most of the other ACC Bowl games?

The argument Maryland needs to make to fans --- but isn't -
Great piece, as always, by Patrick Stevens about why spending $90 for the Military Bowl isn't that big a deal, had you been willing to drive/fly down to FL for a warm-weather bowl.

Season recap: Maryland - ACC Blog - ESPN
Dinich's recap of the Terps' season...

Bowl system needs to be blown up | |
Great piece by Bob Molinaro of the Virginian-Pilot, talking about how stupid the college bowl system is. Here is his take on MD:

When it comes to one ACC bowl team, I don't know whether to extend congratulations or condolences. On Dec. 29, Maryland plays East Carolina in the Military Bowl at RFK Stadium, just a hop, skip and pistol shot from the Terps' College Park campus. Busing across town to a bowl game is every boy's dream, isn't it?

Terrapins Insider - N.C. State Coach O'Brien: 'We have fans'
Interesting perspective from NC State's coach, Tom O'Brien, who experienced the ACC free-fall while he was coaching at BC.

AL MYATT ::: The bottom line is the bottom line [fb]
Gah...even ECU finished with better attendance than MD this season...

How the big boys lost an elite prospect to College of Charleston - The Dagger - NCAAB  - Yahoo! Sports
More on the Baru commitment. For the record, I don't think Bobby Cremins did anything wrong here.

Answering a request: How often do ACC's football and basketball coach of the year work at the same school? -

Someone had asked this question previously and I just saw Patrick Stevens answered it...