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Maryland Minute 12.5.10 - Notes from Temple Loss, Plus Reactions from Military Bowl

Quotes from Twitter on the Four-for-Four Subs
Get ready: the one linked above, from Jordan Williams: "They told the upperclassmen that you know what, if you’re not going to play, then we are." More Jordan: "I couldn’t have supported it more." More Jordan: "It was about who wanted it more, and us five on the court wanted it more than those five."

He's obviously talking about the starters that Gary pulled shortly after halftime. And that's a very candid quote. Jordan isn't happy.

Gary on making changes: "We'll see how the next 2 days go in practice ... [We'll] see if we can snap some people out of the way they played tonight."

Maryland to Play Temple in Philly Next Year?
So says Fran Dunphy.

Temple coach Fran Dunphy says in passing Maryland will return the game in Philly next year.

No surprise, same happened for Villanova. Not a bad home-and-home to have, either.

Terps AD Anderson "disappointed in the process" of bowl selection - D1scourse
So is everyone else, Kevin. So is everyone else.

"We're disappointed in the process," Anderson said. "We're disappointed in the way things were determined. It has nothing to do with the bowl game."

Terps AD 'Disappointed' In Selection Process - IMS
An extra quote. At least he's taking the right mindset:

"Evidently that last win wasn’t good enough," Anderson said. "We have to take that into account (in the future). The next time we’re going to have to win more and make the championship game. Then you know exactly where you’re going to go and exactly what you’re going to do."

Maybe a little sarcastic, but true.

Maryland to 'make the best' of Military Bowl selection - Sun
As Fridge says, it is what it is.

NC State vs. WVU in Champs Sports Bowl
Just for the record. Terps-Mountaineers would've been pretty sweet.

Big Ten announces it won't pursue expansion - ESPN
Hmm. Not sure if it'll hold up, but there it is. And with that, the Maryland-to-Big-Ten expansion rumors die.