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Maryland Terrapins Coaching Search: Leach Interview Goes Well, Probably No Offer Yet

The Twitterverse was abuzz this afternoon with a variety of rumors and speculation, but unless there's a) a tweet that introduces something new, or b) a tweet that makes sense from someone reputable, I'm kind of in a self-imposed Twitter boycott. Instead, I've waited on something more concrete, which has finally popped up.

First up, Mike Leach did interview in Maryland today, as I'm sure you've heard. The Washington Post said that the interview went quite well, thank you very much, but didn't offer much more than that. The article said it was "unclear" as to whether or not Maryland has offered him the job.

Jeff Barker's a little more assured, and he says that there's been no offer yet and that Maryland's still considering another candidate. I'm not entirely sure I believe that, but maybe they'll interview someone else. Who (outside of Kevin Anderson) knows anymore?

Another interesting note from the WaPo piece, at least to me, was that Maryland's been meeting with people for a solid week. It doesn't surprise me in the least, but it's nice to see it in writing. That means that they've likely been able to meet with Gus Malzahn, Randy Edsall, and a variety of other candidates, at least in a preliminary manner.

For the record, yes, BYU's offensive coordinator, Robert Anae, did indeed "resign." Yes, Anae worked with Leach in Texas Tech. That does not necessarily mean that he's heading to Maryland, despite everyone that attempted to connect the dots. He was in hot water anyway and was likely going to be fired if he didn't resign. Bronco Mendenhall recently said he was going to look into his staff and possibly make changes, and people seem to think that Anae's "resignation" is a euphemism.

When there's something more, given that it's legit and not a continuation of the circus - believe it or not, I'm tiring from it, and this is coming from the guy who lived on little more than Lance Stephenson and water back in 2009 - it'll be here. Until then, Leach has to be seen as the frontrunner, but be wary.