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Maryland Minute 12.3.10 - Friedgen's Lawyer: Fridge Has "Earned" Extension

Ralph Friedgen 'has earned' extension, attorney for Terps coach says - Sun
Oh boy.

"To me, an extension is absolutely in order," attorney Jack Reale told The Baltimore Sun. "I think he has earned it."

Not much past that, but it's interesting and sounds like a trial balloon. First off, don't freak about Franklin. Either a) he demands the million, in which case I consider it a small victory because, let's be honest: it had to happen sometime, or b) he decides to forego the million, remain on the staff, and renegotiate the contract, which I consider a large victory because I highly doubt he'd be worth a million a second time around.

So, in that sense, it's kind of a win-win. But the next question is whether or not Fridge has earned an extension, to which I say, "Uh, no." Do it next year and we'll talk, but 2-10 is just as bad as 8-4 is good. Now, next season looks like a potential ACC championship type of year, at which point extending him would be the only logical thing to do. He just needs to do it first.

Torrey Smith NFL Draft scouting report - Mocking The Draft
Great read from SBN's NFL draft blog. It is what it says it is: a scouting report of Torrey Smith, and he gets a lot of it right. For the record, MTD is saying 2nd or 3rd round for Torrey, and that'll be tough to pass up.

Scouting Service Hearing "A Lot of Chatter" on Kenny Tate
Which, I assume, means he's about to head out the door. (BTW: if you click this link, you're not going to get anything more out of it than what's here; it's Twitter.) Looking like both Tate and Smith are leaning the pro way.

Despite slow starts, men's basketball finishing strong - The Diamondback - Sports
This, and free throw shooting, are the two biggest problems I see for this team right now. - DT

My Take: Throw point guard play in there. But yeah, the slow starts are troubling. I'm guessing the main culprit is the low level of the opposition, and if so, it's no different than a lot of young Gary Williams teams or, to be honest, a lot of young teams period. They'll figure out the consistent mentality thing down the line, but asking freshmen to get hyped up for playing Elon (right after playing Pitt in Madison Square Garden) right from the tip isn't the easiest thing to do.

Stevens: Terps could be left out in cold for bowl season
Come on, Champs. You know we're better than NC State. - DT

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Undray Clark
Good recap from Matt Bracken on Clark. - DT

Purdue nipped by Maryland
Lady Terps pulled out the win in the closing seconds. - DT

Terps GK Zac MacMath planning to go pro after college season
Can't blame him. Hopefully he goes out in a blaze of glory, carrying an NCAA championship trophy.