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Maryland Wide Receiver Torrey Smith Forgoes Senior Season, Enters NFL Draft

It looks like the earlier report was correct: Torrey Smith is going pro and forgoing his senior season. The word comes directly from his mouth/Twitter.

I'm forgoing my last year of eligibility to enter the nfl draft #terpnation and all supporters I appreciate your supportless than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter


Torrey's final game was a little disappointing by any standard, but the zinger of a final home game he gave everyone more than makes up for that. Actually, so does his entire career, which leaves him as one of the most productive wide receivers in Maryland history, with only Jermaine Lewis rivaling him in terms of overall productivity.

Smith has been one of the most likeable Terrapins, both on the current team and in my history of watching the team, since his freshman year, when I took up the cause of essentially becoming his personal publicist. His final year was fantastic, even though he was injured for much of the campaign.

His combine workouts should be excellent, same as everyone else that comes through the Maryland program. He has great straight-line speed, which should translate well to the 40 yard dash. His junior year answered many of the questions that existed around his hands and route-running, too; I could see anwhere between second- and fourth-round for him. It's a top-heavy draft for WRs, but there's a softer middle.

I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention where this leaves Maryland, which is with a lot of talent and little experience. Adrian Cannon is also graduating, leaving Ronnie Tyler as the only returning starter. Tyler, though, was academically ineligible today against ECU and there were worries over last summer, too; counting on him is probably foolish at this point. If he isn't there, Quintin McCree - who was also ineligible today - Kevin Dorsey, and Kerry Boykins are the next most experienced. Adrian Coxson should also factor in. There are three four-star rankings among them, but no starts.

Back to Torrey: though the move may be questioned if Mike Leach really is on the way in, no one can blame Torrey for the decision. He already has his degree, for one, and he has a single mother with money struggles. If you haven't read the story in the Washington Post, do it now: you'll understand why he's making the decision and gain a newfound respect for him. Torrey's been nothing but class since he came into the program, and he's been a great ambassador for the program and the university.