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Maryland Coaching Search: Twitter Rumors Say Malzahn Closing, Leach on Campus

I want to give Ralph Friedgen more time to bask in his glory, but the world of Twitter rumors never seems to stop. The newest two, which are all but entirely contradictory:

Have heard from some that would likely be on Leach's staff at Maryland that Malzahn is close to landing it if he hasn't already. #staytunedless than a minute ago via web

I've learned Mike Leach was on U of MD campus today, and he's scheduled to meet with the search committee tomorrow.less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter


Okay, so on the one hand we have Gus Malzahn is close to landing the Maryland job, per someone who would/would've been on Leach's staff. Presumably, this means that Leach has been told, and Leach has told this guy. Level, for the record, is a writer for TTU's Rivals site, so he has TTU connections.

On the other hand, we have Chick Hernandez, who's word is gold to me at this point, saying that Mike Leach is on campus and scheduled to meet with the committee tomorrow. Whether that means its an extended interview or contract discussions I don't know, but he clearly has interest and it appears reciprocal.

No one has any ****ing idea what's going on here, clearly, and least of all you or me. Let's just let it ride out for the time being.