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Maryland-East Carolina Military Bowl GameThread

Let's end it in style, folks. No matter how Ralph Friedgen may try to make me feel otherwise, this is still a "win one for the Fridge" kind of game.

I imagine many will be at the game. For any TV watchers or those discretely viewing at work, I'll be here, as will a few others, I would think.

Game is on ESPN at 2:30. ESPN3 is streaming, and there are a few ChannelSurfing streams if you don't get ESPN3.

Random, Baseless Prediction: There will be a score on a punt/kick return. Also, Ralph Friedgen does not cry on camera.

Real Prediction: The emotion gets Terps hyped early, with Kenny Tate intercepting a pass early and Danny O'Brien tossing two TDs. The adrenaline wears off as the playcalling experience sets in, and Maryland's offense temporarily sputters, bringing the score to 14-10 at the end of the first. Danny O'Brien starts drawing up plays in the dirt, most of them to Torrey Smith, Maryland drops 28 in the second quarter, and the Terrapins never look back. Once again, Terps 52, ECU 35.