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Maryland Minute - 12.28.10 - Ralph's One-Sided Story

Fired Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen deserved better from his alma mater - Mike Wise
This is a hack job of epic proportions. Should we list the things wrong in the article?

Yeah, Maryland went to "17 bowls in 107 years." That's because for 50+ of those 107, there were a solid two or three bowls to pick from.

Fridge wasn't some bastion of loyalty. He parlayed all the interest in him into pay raises, which 95% of other coaches do. It's not bad. It's not good. It just is.

No **** he was happy at Maryland when things weren't going well. Of course he's happy to not be fired after going 2-10. What does that have to do with anything?

How many times are we going to have to point out that the 8-4 record is misleading? Poor schedule and a lot of close calls. Doesn't invalidate it, but against next year's schedule, this team's looking at 6-6 or so.

Again, not a cut-and-dry firing. Did performance play a role? Of course. But it was far from the only role, and that heavily complicates the situation.

Ralph seriously said this? "Basically [Anderson]'s telling me he doesn't think I can do the job, but what has he done? The guy's been here a couple months. I don't know if he understands our culture, what we're about. Maryland is a different situation than a lot of schools. Every kid is not going to Maryland from around here." He's basically saying that Anderson's not allowed to make decisions because he hasn't been here long enough, while also saying that Maryland isn't a good job because "every kid is not going to Maryland." Thought recruiting was his job. C'mon, you lost Arrelious Benn to Illinois.

The comment about the English professor at the end is entirely unnecessary and just kind of mean-spirited.

Doesn't even attempt to show Anderson's side or get a quote from Anderson. As NYSportsJerk said on Twitter, it's basically "How Maryland Screwed Me," by Ralph Friedgen and Mike Wise.

And now casual fans are going to read this and think that Fridge was screwed. He might've been, but it isn't this one-sided. -BB

My take - seriously, Ralph needs to learn to shut his mouth sometimes. Does he not understand that part of the reason he's not going to be back next year is that he tried demanding through the media that he deserved an extension? If you're so concerned about Kevin Anderson's running of the athletic department, maybe you should have gone to him first rather than trying to get beat writers to help get you an extension.

The other points Ben brings up above are just poor journalism. You almost feel like Ralph paid Wise a couple thousand bucks to let him ghost write a story for him. I hope people realize how one-sided and terrible this article really is...

Tracking the Terps: Military Bowl: What to watch for - Jeff Barker -
I really think that Maryland will win this game for Ralph. Gun to my head prediction? 41-27

Defense out to save face against Terps
Good piece on how ECU is trying to regroup their defense. I think it's funny that the guy writing the story is named Denny O'Brien.

Gene Chizik: Maryland might have reached out to Gus Malzahn
"Might?" What does that even mean? -BB

My take - I think "might" means "did, but we're not allowed/going to talk about it because we're preparing for a bowl game."

WMUC: "Strong Push" from Alumni to Name Locksley Head Coach
Not surprising. Won't help. -BB

My take - I'd support him as a OC/RC, but not head coach. And unless those alumni start writing big checks > season and regular ticket sales, it doesn't matter too much what they think.

Terps likely to continue with new-look starting lineup against North Florida-
Looks like MVPe' will continue to start. I like it.

Terps make contact with coaching targets - NCAA Football - Sporting News
I personally would be a big fan of a Malzahn hire. He definitely brings some things to the table that Leach doesn't, like recruiting...

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Tyrek Cheeseboro & Nate Clarke - Matt Bracken -
Bracken does he usual awesome work looking at Cheeseboro and Clarke.

Fired Friedgen faces final foe as Terps coach - Hawaii News -
Does anyone else find it strange that a paper in Hawai'i is covering this at all? Do they have a large group of readers who care about this at all?

Women’s basketball: Terps blast La Salle, 83-45 " Terrapin Trail
Women's team rolls in 1st round of Terrapin Classic.