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Maryland Terrapins Coaching Search: Twitter Talk on Rodriguez, Leach

Loin-girding time.
Loin-girding time.

Disclaimer: don't believe a word of it. At least not yet. The more random rumors I hear from quasi-believable sources with nothing from the way of Joe Schad, the WaPo, Jeff Barker, or anyone else reputable, the more I believe that no one really knows what's going on. I don't know if it's misdirection, speculation, or just plain wrong info from poorly-placed sources, but I don't think anyone here is really as "in the know" as they think they are.

That said, it's a slow day and a slow week. And this is plenty interesting, because it's the second we've heard of the same news. From our "Leach train losing steam" friend, Tom Dienhart:

The more coaches I talk to, the more I hear Rich Rodriguez may be a target for the Maryland job.less than a minute ago via web

So, we now have someone else saying that Rich Rodriguez and Maryland is a potential match. Like I said earlier: don't believe it yet, because everything here points to Anderson playing it close to the vest. Otherwise, again, I think we would've seen some more reputable sources come out with some stuff.

But Dienhart parrotting the other talk means that we can upgrade this from "Baseless Rumor" to "Might Have A Grain of Truth." Does this mean that RichRod is all of the sudden The Guy or that Leach isn't happening? Hell no. Until I hear it from somewhere else, I'm not buying in. But at the same time, don't discount it entirely. There's chatter out there, and that's worth knowing. Again: consider it, don't necessarily believe it.

In other news, Darren Rovell, MSNBC's sports business correspondent, thinks that if there's no Leach announcement - or, I would assume, major leaks regarding such announcement - by Dec. 30 that the Captain ain't coming.

Thinking if Mike Leach isn't hired by 12/30 (day after Maryland bowl game, week after Friedgen was bought out), they're not hiring himless than a minute ago via web


I'm inclined to believe Rovell from a logic standpoint, because the dude knows his stuff. But he's not an insider and he has no sources. And as we've learned over the years, logic doesn't necessarily apply to the Maryland athletic department. I wouldn't be surprised to see it take longer, but I will admit that if it hasn't happened by Thursday, I'll be concerned a little.

Once again: don't fully believe a word. But it's worth noting that there is chatter out there on this. Keep it in mind should things go south.