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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Or, alternatively, happy Festivus!

I'll be around today, so if anything goes down (I doubt it will), I'll be able to cover it. That said, don't expect very much posting today. It's Christmas, after all. But a Christmas present from me to you, a mini MM on Christmas Day:

Ok. State Says They Haven't Offered Leach Their OC Job

McCrory Lists Maryland as Favorite - Zags
Not a surprise, really. He's from Riverdale and Maryland's competing with UVA, Colorado, Wagner, Hofstra, and a couple others. The only thing: I have no idea if he has an offer, and Zags doesn't say if he does or doesn't. I like McCrory as a Plan B, same as Whittington, but things would be...less than ideal if this class rounded out with Whitt and McCrory.

Terrapins Insider - Danny O'Brien the play-caller?
Sure, why not? What harm could it do? Of course, it'll be John Donovan, but I wish this happened.

Cyrus Kouandjio and Mike Locksley at Maryland
Rivals says that if Locks returned to Maryland, Cyrus K would "consider" staying at home and playing at Maryland.

The other way would be if New Mexico head coach Mike Locksley were named head coach at Maryland (unlikely but his name is still out there) or if he were to head back to Maryland as assistant head coach and offensive coordinator. Not sure he'd take that step down but there have been rumors and if Locksley is at Maryland, I think Cyrus would consider staying home and playing for the Terps.

Bit of an understatement, to be honest.