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Maryland-NJIT GameThread

Ah, delicious cupcakes. Maryland plays against NJIT in front of what's guaranteed to be a...small, let's say, crowd at the Comcast Center tonight at 8:00.

No TV, but ChannelSurfing says that they do have a stream. I have no idea as to the accuracy of it yet, but it's worth a try. Meanwhile, you could alternatively try out TerpsTV, which will run you about 8 bucks to watch this game. As for radio, there are a half-dozen different online sources, including WMUC and I would imagine both ESPN980 and WJZ, as well.

Random, Baseless Prediction: We see a lineup change. It is not Terrell Stoglin for Cliff Tucker, though it may include either of them. Going out on a limb, I know.

Terps by 27.