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Maryland Minute - 12.20.10 - Maryland Gets Lots of National Attention Over Ralph Decision

I can't remember the last time Maryland football got this much attention. I guess, ironically, it was Ralph's first year at Maryland, when they won the ACC and went to the Orange Bowl. Maryland better continue this momentum into their coaching hire and they'll only do that if it's Mike Leach. 

3-point stance: Terps next to rise? - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN

"I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking how much fun an Oregon-Maryland title game would be."

Before this all went down, I had seriously resolved myself to the fact that Maryland would probably never again compete for a national title in football. Now I definitely think it's possible. And Oregon v. MD (UA v. Nike) would be awesome.

Football Reporters Online | Friedgen ousted from Terps Football Job: Why?

Perhaps you need to read my article, Dr. Football, on why Maryland had to make this move...

Sporting News: Auburn's Malzahn Would Be Good Fit At Maryland To Replace Friedgen -

I really think it's Leach or bust, but if they bust, Malzahn would be a good consultation prize. Talk about a weird chain of events that would be though. Malzahn declines Vandy, which hires Franklin, which results in Ralph being fired, which results in Malzahn being hired at Maryland. Wow...that hurts by brain.

Ralph Friedgen through the years - Baltimore Sun

Timeline of Friedgen's coaching career.

Mike Leach should top Maryland's list - ACC Blog - ESPN

Dinich thinks Leach should top MD's list. Yup, pretty sure he does....

Terrapins Insider - How many Maryland football assistants will stay on board through the Military Bowl?
So apparently all of the assistants (sans Franklin, obviously) are planning on coaching in the bowl game, but if they get offers elsewhere, they could bolt. This could get interesting... And why is Steve Yanda back covering anything MD related? I thought the Post banished him to Siberia (aka covering UVA...oh, I guess he has nothing to do this time of year since UVA is irrelevant in both football and basketball right now). Malleck Opens Up Recruitment

We'll probably see a few of these as a result of the changing of the guard. You'd think he'd stay committed until he found out who the next coach was though...

Maryland sends Friedgen packing - The Boston Globe

I'm pretty sure the other 11 ACC schools are scared to death at the prospect of Mike Leach joining the ACC...they know the conference will be MD v. all.

CB Williams solid with the Terps - Rivals

Good. Looks like most of the defensive recruits are hanging on. That's the most important thing. -BB

Freshman Sensation Danny O'Brien Could Leave the Terps | Bleacher Report

This is why Bleacher Report will and should never be taken seriously. DOB says he wants to take a step back and look at everything and they try to spin that into him considering transferring. When did he say that, guys? Oh, that's right, he didn''re just trying to get hits to your site. Poor form, gentlemen.