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Maryland Minute 12.19.10 - Friedgen Hasn't Agreed to Retire, Says Sun

Maryland's Ralph Friedgen hasn't agreed to retire - Sun
That goes against earlier reports. Doesn't really matter, of course, because Maryland has the right to buy out his contract regardless. Still..."firing" Fridge? Yikes. That's not going to go over well in the media and/or history. Was hoping he'd be able to see that he's not doing anyone - particularly Maryland - any good with this. He should be careful not to dissolve the goodwill here.

Still, part of me admires Friedgen. He's got guts. If they're going to get rid of him, he's going to make them call it what it is.

Dorleant is Solid
Good, I was a Makinton fan.

WR King is sticking with the Terps - Rivals
Paywall, but headline is enough: he's solid. That's very good. King was my favorite recruit, to be honest, and dar I say he reminds me of Michael Crabtree - a bit of a possession receiver with a great body and very reliable hands. Doesn't have Crabtree's speed, but he ain't slow. He'll put up crazy numbers in a Leach offense.

DE Tyler still set with Maryland - Rivals
Paywall, but headline and summary are good enough for me: he's sticking around. Tyler's an undersized 'tweener type of guy, but in Don Brown's scheme, that was fine. Not sure how good it'll be with whoever Leach / Edsall brings in.

Chick Hernandez: Dwight Galt Following Franklin to Vandy, Plus At Least 2 More
No big surprise. Doubt they would've had jobs here. Good to see them get a job somewhere else.

One thing has struck me through all of this: I want Franklin to succeed at Vandy. Like, really. He deserves to and that fanbase deserves it.

Travis Hughes to UNC
Of course. He wouldn't pick Maryland after...that.

Pre-Snap Read Talks Friedgen-Leach Swap
Worth a read. Again, they seem mostly positive about it.

Dr. Saturday Reacts to the Friedgen-Leach Swap
Well, not quite the swap yet, but at least the Friedgen part of it.

That start alone was worth a decade of goodwill, at least, and Friedgen has needed it after consecutive 5-6 finishes in 2004-05 and a last-place, 2-10 debacle in 2009 that very nearly cost him his job. He goes out off a solid 8-4 rebound that earned him second ACC Coach of the Year award, but without any of the optimism or momentum that followed the first nine years ago. Attendance is down, recruiting has stagnated and first-year athletic director Kevin Anderson has no inclination to keep a lame duck boss around for the sake of playing out the string.

Lady Terps Win Ninth Straight, Beats Delaware State
Yes, my friends, basketball is still a sport.