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Twitter Rumor: Sean Salisbury to be Leach's Offensive Coordinator at Maryland?

So a kindly Twitterer directed a tweet my way from Newy Scruggs - no, really, that's his name. Scruggs is a Dallas-area sports anchor and radio show host. At first I laughed, not really sure if he was joking or mistyped something or something else unfortunate. The tweet reads thusly:

Hearing Mike Leach to Maryland as the head coach and Sean Salisbury will be the offensive coordinator. They are good friends. Stay tunedless than a minute ago via TweetDeck


"Hahahaha, funny joke, Mr. Scruggs," was my initial reaction. "Good one."

Then this popped up:

Mike Leach to Maryland, Sean Salisbury as OC? Qadry Ismail reporting this...less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone



If you're not sure who Sean Salisbury is, I direct you to this informative Wikipedia article. He was a QB at Minnesota for awhile before becoming an ESPN analyst and getting pwned by John Clayton on a weekly basis. He then took pictures of his junk and showed it to several women. He then lied about it. And no, he no longer works for ESPN.

Did I mention that he has never been a coach? Ever? Because he hasn't.

For now, this is a dumb Twitter rumor. But if it happens, well, I'll be doubting the Pirate. And I imagine many wouldn't take too kindly to switching out a successful, clean alum for...Salisbury.