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Meet Mike Leach, YouTube Star, Weatherman, and Movie Critic

Perfectly sane.
Perfectly sane.

So, Mike Leach seems on his way. A lot of you love him. A good chunk of you don't. But right now, this isn't about that: it's about Mike Leach happening to be a YouTube sensation, and not just for his crazy rants. we should get to know him, right? Well, luckily for all of us, he's a bit of a...character. Below is the Mike Leach YouTube Emporium. Watch to your heart's content. Post favorite quotes in the comments, because there are a lot of them.

*Note: no analysis here. This is just meant to be fun.

Fun ones:

"I recommend Kegel's Steakhouse. It's very casual. The other good thing about it is that there's very little salad."

"If there's any resistance to them letting her go to a Texas Tech football game, it's a clear indicator that they'd make terrible in-laws and you need to get out of that relationship as quickly as possible."

"On Monday, it says bad stuff, serious storms. ... The thing on the screen is just a little too sure of it for my taste. Me personally, expect sun."

"You lost your inner pirate."

"I've never sent an email myself."

"Timeouts are a little bit like money, you don't want to die with them and give them to your kids."

"You know, he wrote True Romance, which was awesome, and Reservoir Dogs, which is a better movie too, but still totally worth it."

"We had some guys go to Russia on some Christian thing, and they're big on these things in Russia."

The Questionable Ones

"'We're too good to play ****ing Baylor. **** you. And **** me. And **** everybody."

"I don't need one side of the brain going 'I wonder this, I wonder that, I wonder the other thing.' No, screw that."

Needs no introduction.