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More Confirmation: Maryland Will Ask Ralph Friedgen to Retire

Talk about a fast developing story. This is like the Vanderbilt coaching search packed into a single day. After the news first broke from ESPN, we saw a confirmation via Chick Hernandez.

And now Patrick Stevens, Maryland alpha-reporter, has confirmed the news that Maryland will ask Friedgen to retire and accept a buyout. The Washington Post has a similar and entirely separate story, which to me means that this is concrete. We're not having another Prisbell gaffe here.

A few noteworthy notes from both stories:

  • Stevens says the three coaches that are being poached by Franklin to Vanderbilt are Lee Hull, Don Brown, and John Donovan. Prisbell says those three, plus Charles Bankins. Doesn't really matter at this point, but it's definitely interesting. I'm guessing this was a part of why they made the move: you can't attract a top-tier OC and DC without a) giving Friedgen an extension and b) spending a lot of money.
  • It's undecided who will coach Maryland in the bowl game. My first thought was Dave Sollazzo, but that's unlikely: he's a good friend of Friedgen and I can't see him accepting that. My second thought was Al Seamonson, and that's more likely and makes more sense. I guess Tom Brattan, the only remaining offensive coach, will be the de facto offensive coordinator.
  • Leach is the leading candidate for the job and definitely has interest, says Prisbell.
  • Anderson didn't make a counteroffer to keep Franklin. He obviously saw this as an opportunity.
  • Prisbell also says that Franklin leaving "set the wheels in motion" regarding going after Leach, who was specifically mentioned. He's the only real candidate, and I'd be surprised if anyone other than Locksley even got an interview. This entire thing was done with one thing in mind: landing Mike Leach. This was a coup. You decide if that's good or bad.
More in terms of analysis coming soon.