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ESPN: Maryland May Ask Ralph Friedgen to Retire and Accept Buyout

How quickly things change. Just a few weeks ago, Kevin Anderson was assuring everyone, from Ralph Friedgen himself to the fans in general, that Friedgen would be returning to Maryland for the 2011 season. Heck, Friedgen was pandering for an extension. Everything is good, right?

Guess not.

Maryland is strongly considering asking head football coach Ralph Friedgen to retire and accept a buyout, according to multiple sources.

Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson said Friday he would not address whether Friedgen was guaranteed to return in 2011. Anderson was addressing reporters on the departure of James Franklin, who took the head coaching job at Vanderbilt on Friday.


Sources said that former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach would be the leading candidate to replace Friedgen if he is forced into retirement, with former Washington coach Tyrone Willingham and current New Mexico coach Mike Locksley also candidates for the job.

More soon. For now...bombshell.

UPDATE: Chick Hernandez is saying that it's going down.