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Maryland Minute - 12.16.10 - James Franklin is Gone, It's Time to Move On

I really hope losing Franklin doesn't come back and bite us...I just have this weird feeling that him leaving is going to come back and be epically when the Orioles traded away Curt Schilling for Glen Davis.
I really hope losing Franklin doesn't come back and bite us...I just have this weird feeling that him leaving is going to come back and be epically when the Orioles traded away Curt Schilling for Glen Davis.

With Franklin officially gone now, it's time to move on and determine what effect his departure has on the Maryland football program. Hendy Still Committed To Terps
I'm very fearful of the effect that Franklin's departure could have on our pledged recruits...

Recruiting Report: Fla. safety Lukas Foreman on Terps commitment -  Matt Bracken -
I really, really hope Don Brown stays...he's our key to Florida and recruiting in general now that Franklin is gone...

Tracking the Terps: James Franklin: What comes next? - Jeff Barker -
I would like to know if any 3-way negotiations did occur at all between Fridge, Franklin and Anderson...

Terps Close to Reaching Bowl Ticket Allotment
Fewer than 1500 of the 10000 allotment remains available. That's good, but to be honest if Maryland couldn't sell out its allotment to a game ten minutes away, that'd be pretty disappointing. -BB

My take - Maybe Maryland would sell more tickets if they offered the $25 option in their allotment. You can get $25 tickets directly from the Military Bowl, but not if you go through, and the tickets purchased directly from the Military Bowl don't count towards that allotment.  Thus, even if they don't sell their "10,000" tickets, that doesn't mean Terps fans won't be there/don't care. Even more strange is that East Carolina has offered $25 tickets...and they sold them all. Good job, Terps marketing department. The game is already a crappy match up at a crappy bowl on a Wednesday in the middle of the day and you won't even offer $25 tickets? I hope you don't sell your allotment.

Some college bowl games still struggling to sell tickets - ESPN

Maybe some are struggling because they have crappy marketing departments like Maryland apparently does...

Just How Big Was James Franklin's Impact on Maryland's Offense? - Anchor Of Gold
Good look at JF from a Vanderbilt fan's perspective. Comes to the conclusion most of us have come to: he helped, but his playcalling didn't really make a big difference. -BB

Driven by a promise: New Egypt basketball star Desmond Hubert pushes past strife to excel on court
A feature on everyone's favorite NJ-area PF/C, Desmond Hubert, from the Star-Ledger. He lost his mother a few years ago and now lives with his uncle, who's a disciplinarian who's worked hard to instill a work ethic in him. Sounds like he'd fit in with Gary, then.

(Also, he's originally from Winter Park, Fl, meaning he would've been on Austin Rivers HS team if he didn't move to Jersey a few years ago. They would've been loaded.) -BB

My take - sounds like a great kid off the court as well as on. I really hope we can land him...

Kyrie Irving Out 'a Long Time,' Mike Krzyzewski Says -- FanHouse
Sounds like he might miss the year. -BB

Whittington takes over for Oakland Mills against Hammond - WaPo
Sounds encouraging.

When Greg Whittington wants to take over a high school basketball game, there is very little that can stop him. The 6-foot-9 swing forward - who has received interest Maryland, Clemson, DePaul, Texas, La Salle and George Mason, among others - finished with 28 points on Wednesday night, overcoming some minor early frustration to lead Oakland Mills to a 79-44 home win over defending Howard County champion Hammond.

One problem: Hammond's tallest player is 6-3. The fact that Whittington's putting up ~30 each night is impressive, but against guys this size, he has to. The only thing left I really want to see: a true, dominant, 35+ point, 15+ rebound performance. -BB

Terps Release 2011 Schedule
Lacrosse schedule is out. Looks like all of the games will be at Byrd. Last game of the season is Hopkins at home.

Blake Countess to Michigan
Dang. Countess was recruited by Sollazzo, not Franklin, so that has nothing to do with this. He was probably the "big local recruit" that Maryland had the best shot at landing. Didn't work out that way, obviously. With Darius Jennings all but gone, too, Travis Hughes might be Maryland's final chance.

Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now?: Joe Smith Traded to the Lakers
Joe Smith joins Steve Blake on the Lakers. I guess LA is turning into the CP of the West...

UNC Greensboro Spartans vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacons - Recap - December 15, 2010 - ESPN
Wow...Wake is epically bad. They only beat UNC Greensboro by 2....the team MD beat by 43...