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Joe Schad: James Franklin to Vanderbilt Talks Have "Stalled"

A half-hour ago, we heard our first chatter that James Franklin may not be headed to Vanderbilt after all. A few minutes later, ESPN's Joe Schad just brought the whole thing down:

James Franklin-Vanderbilt contract talks have "stalled" over money and staff issues. Not dead yet.less than a minute ago via txt


And we just reached a combination of "Holy wow" and "Ugh, this again?".

There's really not much more to say, other than this might explain what was taking so long. We'll see how all this turns out, but speculating or guessing has really lost all point by now. I don't know if anyone knows what's going on back there and I'm certain that neither you nor I have any idea (unless you happen to be Franklin or David Williams, in which case, drop me an email).