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Maryland Minute 12.13.10 - Is James Franklin the Next Head Coach of Vanderbilt?

Head coach in waiting...or head coach and former head coach in waiting?
Head coach in waiting...or head coach and former head coach in waiting?

Terrapins Insider - James Franklin expected to become Vanderbilt head football coach we trust Prisbell's source, considering how inaccurate it was yesterday and that I can't find a single other outlet reporting this (every one links back to the Post)? I'm not sure. I think James is probably gone, but it wouldn't surprise me if Prisbell was wrong...again.

What's the next move for Terps' OC? - ACC Blog - ESPN

If he doesn't, Maryland owes Franklin $1 million, but coincidentally, that's about how much Maryland will save by playing a bowl game in nearby D.C.

That's an interesting nugget...the money MD saves by not traveling to a bowl would be enough to buy out Franklin...huh.

Tracking the Terps: James Franklin is still in Baltimore recruiting for Terps
There have been some reports (on twitter, fwiw) that Franklin was on a plane to Nashville yesterday. Not so says the Baltimore Sun...

REPORT: James Franklin to Become Head Football Coach at Vanderbilt - Anchor Of Gold
Interesting to see the Vandy Folk's reaction.

Explore Howard: The Driver's Seat / Ex-Terp Dupree makes adjustment at Towson
Dupree was pretty much Jordan Williams lite, IMO. Glad he's doing well at Towson.

Brick: Early-Signing Period Report Cards Articles
Maryland a solid B. Unfortunately, they don't have a lot of options in the spring, so we'll see where they stand then. -BB