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Maryland Minute 12.13.10 - Is James Franklin the Next Head Coach of Vanderbilt?

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Head coach in waiting...or head coach and former head coach in waiting?
Head coach in waiting...or head coach and former head coach in waiting?

Terrapins Insider - James Franklin expected to become Vanderbilt head football coach we trust Prisbell's source, considering how inaccurate it was yesterday and that I can't find a single other outlet reporting this (every one links back to the Post)? I'm not sure. I think James is probably gone, but it wouldn't surprise me if Prisbell was wrong...again.

What's the next move for Terps' OC? - ACC Blog - ESPN

If he doesn't, Maryland owes Franklin $1 million, but coincidentally, that's about how much Maryland will save by playing a bowl game in nearby D.C.

That's an interesting nugget...the money MD saves by not traveling to a bowl would be enough to buy out Franklin...huh.

Tracking the Terps: James Franklin is still in Baltimore recruiting for Terps
There have been some reports (on twitter, fwiw) that Franklin was on a plane to Nashville yesterday. Not so says the Baltimore Sun...

REPORT: James Franklin to Become Head Football Coach at Vanderbilt - Anchor Of Gold
Interesting to see the Vandy Folk's reaction.

Explore Howard: The Driver's Seat / Ex-Terp Dupree makes adjustment at Towson
Dupree was pretty much Jordan Williams lite, IMO. Glad he's doing well at Towson.

Brick: Early-Signing Period Report Cards Articles
Maryland a solid B. Unfortunately, they don't have a lot of options in the spring, so we'll see where they stand then. -BB