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Maryland Minute 12.12.10 - Malzahn to Vandy, James Franklin Staying at Maryland [Update: Maybe Not Yet]

Still kickin' it.
Still kickin' it.

Gus Malzahn to Vanderbilt, James Franklin Staying Here
Wow, that one was close.

We can go back and forth on it all day, but ultimately I'm a little relieved Franklin is staying. Don't roast me alive for it. I don't want him to become the head coach in the least and I'm not particularly happy he's still calling plays, but this helps recruiting and means that Maryland won't be locked into Friedgen past the end of his contract. UMD stayed in a messy situation, but at least they're not in a potentially messier one.

UPDATE: Joe Schad Says Malzahn to Vandy Isn't Yet Decided
Whoa boy.

Yes, Gus Malzahn has a Vandy offer. But he's telling folks he hasn't taken it just yet.
I'm guessing it's a matter of time. But hold onto your seats.


Now, would Franklin at Marlyand be the best situation? No.* But it could be worse, and right now and moderately happy with the direction of the program.

*That consists of Al Golden being in College Park. 

Semi-Related: Al Golden to Miami

Now who am I going to pimp as the next great Maryland coach that is currently not a huge name? Golden was so perfect. Niumatololo? Brady Hoke? Larry Fedora? Major Applewhite?

No. You know who's now the front-runners for me? Kyle Whittingham and Kevin Sumlin. Go after Whittingham first - he has recruiting ties to the area and is a UA guy, so throwing buckets of money at him may be successful. If he says no, which is probable, screw it and go Sumlin. Though I would accept Applewhite or Billick.

And yes, this is semi-tongue-in-cheek.

Tracking the Terps: Friedgen says bowl process "disrespected" Maryland
Sigh. I get the feeling we'll be dealing with this for awhile now.

Williams noncommittal about medical hardship for Pankey - D1scourse
Pankey has played three minutes this year. At least Gary's considering it; really, it's a no-brainer at this point. Maryland needs to space out its roster more anyway, and Pankey isn't going to do anything this year with his leg the way it is.

Nolan Carroll Gets First Career Interception
He also got tripped up by a Jets staffer on punt coverage. No, really.

Small forward Devin Langford will commit to Illinois
Remember him? Maryland didn't have a big need for him after Nick Faust committed, but he was a favorite of mine for a little while.

Greg Whittington Stat Line vs. Marriots Ridge: 32 and 14
He shot 15 of 23 from the field. Wow. He's holding up his end of the bargain so far. Can't help but think if he keeps averaging 29 a game that an offer will be forthcoming considering Maryland's other options right now are...uh...yeah.