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Maryland Minute 12.10.10 - New Football Jerseys on Tap for Terps?

Danny O'Brien: New Jerseys Coming Next Year

Just saw the new jerseys for next year...pretty hype!

Hallelujah! Thanks to ckstevenson for emailing this in.

With injuries at corner, Terps might not be done using new true freshmen - D1scourse
No. No. No. No. No. No. I don't care if you lose every cornerback you have. Put wide receivers back there before blowing an entire year on one entirely meaningless game. I know it's just the media game, but dear God, why even mention it?

"If we have to play [true freshman CB Mario] Rowson or [true freshman CB Jeremiah] Johnson, we probably will," Friedgen said. "We don't want to. If we get another couple injuries, we'll have to. We have to line up and play, unless you want to come out of the stands and play."

Still a few roadblocks for Malzahn to Vandy

Also, landing Malzahn got more complicated when Urban Meyer resigned. If Bobby Petrino were to get the UF job, Malzahn would have a good shot at taking over at Arkansas, while if Dan Mullen were to move on to Gainesville, Malzahn would figure to get a long look at MSU.

If you want to see Franklin in College Park, root for Malzahn to take the Vandy job before another group can offer OR hope that Mullen (or anyone other than Petrino) gets the Florida job. If you want to see him in Nashville, pray for Petrino to get the Vandy job.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
You know what to do.

More Danny Tweets: Josh Clemons Visiting
Not a huge deal, but it's noteworthy. Maryland's hosting a ton of recruits, but this is the first I've heard of Clemons, an athlete from Valdosta, Ga. in the 2012 class. He already has offers from Florida, Georgia, Florida State, and Miami, per Rivals. Guessing he'll be a priority for that class.