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Maryland Minute - 11.30.10 - PSU-MD Twitter War Heats Up

I'm not that big of a twitter user (homertuck is my twitter name, in case you're interested). I use it to mainly promote our stories on Testudo Times and to complain about DC's horrible Metro subway. But I've really gotten into this #PSUHateweek thing, as have many fans. I think it's pretty cool, fun and generates a lot of excitement about that game. And it allows people to get creative. For example, I discovered that Nittany is an anagram for tiny ant. But try to keep things fun and creative, not offensive and stupid. Bringing Len Bias into this is just wrong. And Maryland fans bringing in classless statements are no better. Just keep it fun people.

MD hate week bordering on offensive - The Daily Collegian Online
Penn State's paper calls out PSU fans for tweets about Len Bias. Just a warning, the tweets are pretty bad and classless.

Gary Williams Takes One More Swipe At Debbie Yow - Half Smokes - SB Nation DC
I love Gary. Hilarious.

Len Elmore: NCAA should suspend Bruce Pearl for two years - Campus Rivalry: College Football & Basketball News, Recruiting, Game Picks, and More -
Len Elmore thinks the NCAA should suspend Pearl. I can't say I disagree. Set an example and hurt these guys where it counts most. But they probably should outline that any future violations would result in suspensions, rather than hanging Pearl out to dry...

Terrapins Insider - Friedgen, Yow and Orlando's Champs Sports Bowl
Looks like the Yow Bowl will have another match up, this time about who will represent the ACC in the Champs Sports Bowl. Terps Impress Rose
It's a premium article, but they give most of it away in the teaser...

"They’re recruiting me the hardest and I’d say they’ve got about a 75-percent lead right now. They went from 2-8 to 8-3…that’s great." He plans on visiting Maryland officially on Dec. 17. "I like (linebackers) coach Al Seamonson. He’s put a lot of linebackers to the next level..."

NCAA Basketball Schedule, Viewing Guide For December: Time For Festive Hoops -
In case you need some more basketball to watch...