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Maryland Minute - 11.08.10 - The Return of Basketball

Ah, the joyous return of basketball season. It was sad to not see Greivis, Hayes and Landon out there, but it was exciting to see some of the new guys, like Howard and Stoglin give flashes of what they're capable of doing.

DC Sports Box - Maryland Opens Season with Win over Seattle, 105-76
Check out my game recap from last night's game.

Parker gradually rising while learning Maryland's system -
Patrick Stevens talks about Mychal Parker.

Pitt Survives Rhode Island as College Basketball Tips Off 2011 - FanHouse
Maryland was up and down, but Pitt had their struggles with Rhode Island. They needed 24 from Brad Wanamaker and 22 from Ashton Gibbs to sneak past the Rams in a tightly-contested game that included a lot of missed layups and some terrible execution. -BB

Washington Wizards - Maryland Terps Night
The Wizards are offering a ticket special on Nov. 17th when they take on Memphis, in honor of Greivis.

Terrapins Insider - What was the worst part about Maryland's loss at Miami?
Clearly Prisbell doesn't know the pulse of the Terps football fan base...

Box Seats - The importance of history
Rick Nelligan defends Ralph...he brings up a lot of good points, actually. - Terps are next for Cavs - page 1 FLS
Oh yeah, football is still going on. Apparently UVA players have an unexplained hate for Maryland. The feeling is mutual, guys. My hatred for UVA rivals Duke.

2nd-seeded Terps to play Clemson in ACC men's soccer quarterfinal -
Yeah, Maryland's non-revenue sports = dominating this fall. Time to follow-suit, football.