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Maryland Minute 11.7.10 - Basketball Returns Tomorrow Night

Trio of seniors could be key to Terps' success - The Sun
Wait, Dino lived in Comcast?

"Actually, we lived in Comcast for a little while," said senior forward Dino Gregory. "In a lounge room with video and stuff. There's a couple sofas in there. There's a TV in there."

Hopefully that works out well. He didn't say he slept, so I'm hesitant to believe that he did, but hey, at least he's there a lot.

Other than that, this is the Sun's season preview for basketball.

Gary Williams again gets chance to shape Maryland men's basketball in his image - WaPo
And the Post counters with theirs, from new beat writer Liz Clarke on the new-look Terps. A few interesting excerpts:

"It's your team, Adrian!" the coach brayed at his senior point guard. "Take charge!"
"Maryland might not have as many all-Americans as some other teams. But like Coach Williams told us: 'You can't play with just one player. We're going to show you that basketball is played with five players.' He always emphasized that the game is played with people, and we're going to get the best five out there on our team. He builds confidence and gets the guys to think that every game we go into, we have just as much chance to win as the other team."

Excellent morning/evening read.

Tracking the Terps: Padgett is in Maryland's early rotation
Apparently he wasn't healthy last year, but it sounds like he's entering "first man off the bench" territory now.

ACC Hoops Insider: Maryland – ACC Insider
A quick look at the team from the prospective of a Tobacco Roader. Not that you don't already know about us.

Seattle U Basketball Preview: Defining Success In Year Two Of Its Transition To Division I - SB Nation Seattle
This preview is a few days old, but definitely worth the read regardless. Get to know our opponents.

Seattle U. faces a rugged road opener at Maryland | Seattle Times
A preview of the game from the Redhawk perspective.

Friedgen Explains the Second-to-Last Drive Rationale - IMS

"I have to go back and evaluate the film, but [no regrets] whatsoever," he said. "That’s four-minute offense, you can second guess all you want. But if you’re able to run the ball when you have the possession with the lead and you’re trying to eat the clock up and give yourself an opportunity to win and end the game on your terms, that’s what you try to do."

I will say that I agree with what he says right below that, which is that the next step Maryland needs to take offensively is to be able to run that way successfully. But you need to know when you can't.

Varsity Letters: Gilman's Jennings: College decision may take until January
This is probably good; if Maryland can make a late run, he'll be there to take it in.

Tony Logan Tracker: Post-Miami -
If Logan can repeat the Miami game four more times - that is, about 53 yards a game - he'll have a new Maryland record.

ACC bowl projections - Dinich
And it's back to the Military (nee EagleBank) Bowl for us.

Soccer Insider - Wake Forest defeats Maryland on penalty kicks to win first ACC women's soccer title
The Lady Terps fell short in the ACC championship game on penalty kicks. Tough loss.

Three-peat: #1 Terps Beat UNC 5-2 In ACC Final -
The soccer team lost, but the field hockey team topped UNC in the ACC finals. And like the link indicates, yep, this is ACC title #3. Congrats to the Lady Terps.