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Maryland Minute - 11.29.10 - Does Maryland's Win Over NC State Equate to a Better Bowl?

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Terps finally get marquee win - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
Great piece by Dinich.

Terps hope for solid bowl bid as reward for turnaround season -
Hope they get a good one...I can't imagine they slip as far as Military Bowl...

Maryland Cracks ESPN's Power Rankings
At the last week. Whatever, I'll take it. -BB

My take - isn't the last week the most important?

Predicting the outcome of each ACC-Big Ten challenge game - The Dagger
They give Maryland the win over Penn State, but the Big Ten the win over the ACC. Won't argue with that. -BB

My take - I disagree, after UVA SHOCKING upset over Minnesota last night...

Checking in on the recruiting classes in the ACC - ESPN
An overview of every class, including Maryland's. The future of Maryland's class, according to them, is in Darius Jennings, Corey Tindal, Dondi Kirby, Blake Countess, and Steven Montgomery. Land Jennings and one more, and I'm happy. Jennings and two more, and it's another amazing finish. -BB

Savon Goodman Reportedly Picking Villanova - FanHouse
Maryland was interested and he was a priority for 2012. Not a huge loss with Justin Anderson and JP Tokoto still on the board. -BB

Lefty Driesell's legacy lives on in daughter Pam, son Chuck  |
Good piece on Lefty and his kids.

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap – Stewart's squad moves on - Matt Bracken -
Bracken looks at some of MD's 2011 football recruits and what they did in their last high school games.

TCU's move to Big East provides security - Dallas Colleges Blog - ESPN Dallas
TCU is heading to the Big East. Probably doesn't impact MD much, but it does pretty much guarantee that the Big East will keep their auto BCS berth. I doubt this gets the Big 10 expansion talks going again, because the Big East isn't exactly a threat, even with TCU, to them. It does, however, give the Big East 17 basketball schools, which is really weird...

Auburn, Oregon, TCU changing 2010 college football, BCS landscape - Stewart Mandel -

Doesn't mention MD much, but he does say this:

Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen completed one of the season's biggest turnarounds in improving the Terps from 2-10 to 8-4. While Maryland's offense was largely a work in progress all year, the Terps unleashed the hounds Saturday against N.C. State (8-4), with freshman quarterback Danny O'Brien throwing for 417 yards and receiver Torrey Smith catching 14 passes for 224 yards and four touchdowns. "Hopefully, we'll start getting some respect," said Friedgen.

U-Md. has overindulged in its competitive appetite
Wow...Norman Chad is a little crazy.