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Maryland Minute 11.28.10 - Bowl Projecting the Terps' Postseason

Tracking the Terps: Military Bowl wants Maryland
Of course they do. That's the only team where they'd get a lot of fans and sold merchandise, simply based on the location of it. If I had to guess, it's still going to be the most likely. Yesterday's win might've changed things, though.

Rivals Bowl Projection: Maryland vs. Tennessee in Nashville
That'd be crazy awesome. But it'd be really Vol-heavy.

CBS Bowl Projection: Maryland vs. Notre Dame in Champs Sports Bowl
It'd be pretty nice to get the exposure against ND. Interesting that they also play next year in FedEx.

ESPN Bowl Projections: The Other Two Combined
ESPN has two different projections. The first: Music City vs. Tennessee. The second: Champs vs. ND. Those two seem to be frontrunners, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Dinich Bowl Projections: Maryland vs. Mountain West in Shreveport

Ralph Friedgen on ESPN Radio
A good five-minute listen. He talks about the N.C. State win, Danny O'Brien, and Torrey Smith's pro prospects.

CBS' Player of the Week: Torrey Smith
One of the best performances of the year. Good to see him get some national love.

Had 14 catches for 224 yards and four touchdowns in the Terrapins' 38-31 win over North Carolina State. Smith's clutch performance was also accentuated by a nice slam dunk over the crossbar after one of his TD catches while also knocking the 'Pack out of the ACC title game.

Future Opponent Alert: No. 21 Temple learns lessons but falls to Texas A&M
Worst potential outcome. Temple looks pretty decent against TAMU and has a nice little comeback, but still loses. They need to have a pretty amazing finish to get ranked. The Villanova game now becomes mega-important.

Randy Shannon Fired at The U, Jon Gruden Interested
Shannon fired: wow. Gruden: uh, ****. The U would be a powerhouse again.

Maryland in FLA Safety's Final Four
Larry Franklin is a Vero Beach, Fl., safety. He's ranked 3 stars on Rivals and a 78 on ESPN. Maryland's in his final four alongside Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Illinois. After they lost out on Nico Law, I'm guessing they started pushing on some non-locals, like Franklin.