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Maryland Minute - 11.22.10 - Jordan Needs to Avoid Foul Trouble

Maryland Terrapins center Jordan Williams wants to avoid foul trouble

As well he needs to. -BB

My take - Nice overview piece on the Terps' trip to MSG and the lessons learned, including the extra attention Jordan now gets from officials.

Box Seats - Three days of heartbreak
Yup, that sums it up pretty well.

ACC basketball teams stumble early - Teel time -
Yeah, when you list MD's win over C of C as one of the conference's best to date, that's not good...

NCAA College Basketball Polls, College Basketball Rankings, NCAA Basketball Polls - ESPN
UNC loses to Vandy and Minnesota and they're STILL RANKED IN THE TOP 25! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE WHO VOTE FOR THESE POLLS?!? Almost ANY other team would have easily dropped out of the Top 25 this early after two losses to teams previously (and still) unranked. This is why I hate these rankings. I said UNC is severely overrated and I was right (so far). They lose two games in a row and it's like people keep voting for them because they think if they drop out of the Top 25, they'll look bad for voting for them pre-season. Good thinking, guys. Suck up your pride and admit you were wrong. Okay, rant over.

Abdul Gaddy, Reeves Nelson among 10 sophomore breakout candidates - Seth Davis -
Seth Davis doesn't list Jordan Williams as one of his breakout Sophomore candidates and he discusses why in the intro of the article, which I apparently missed. Maybe that's because he did so well last year? He does talk about how Mosley was one of his candidates last year and while he improved, he hardly "broke out".

Terps stand in the way for Pack - NC State -
I really hope we win Saturday. I don't like NC State that much when it comes to football.

Michigan State vs. Chaminade - Recap - November 22, 2010 - College Basketball -
Oh how I wish Chaminade could have pulled this one out. They were leading by as many as 8 in the 2nd half. It would have made that game against them hurt just a little less.

Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now?: Jasikevicius Finally Signs in Lithuania
Sarunas is back playing pro basketball again in his home country of Lithuania. Good to see. -BB