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Maryland Minute 11.21.10 - Good Showing (Relatively) For Terps' FSU Blackout

People. Lots and lots of people. Image via <a href="" target="new">IMS</a> on <a href="">Flickr</a>
People. Lots and lots of people. Image via IMS on Flickr

Attendance better than expected at FSU game
Announced attendance of 48,115. Not great, but respectable. There goes the whole "No one will notice if Maryland's good anyway," argument that was so wrong in the first place. The lack of fan support for an average team might be an inhibitor to becoming that consistently good program, but fans will come out if you start competing for championships. This is a large state university, after all.

ACC official: Florida State's late interception vs. Terps the right call - The Sun
The last I'll talk about regarding the call.

"In reviewing it, there just is not indisputable evidence to say that the ball hit the ground," said Rhoads, who watched the game from the press box. "It just isn't clear enough. It looks like the ball may have moved, but 'looks like' doesn't rise to the standard. You can't rule out that the player's hand isn't under the ball when it rises up."

Seriously? How was that not indisputable? He goes on to say that they had the same views that were seen on ESPN, so...yeah.

Bowl projections: Week 13 - Dinich
Yep. Military Bowl.

Terps' offensive line juggling might not be done -
Bennett Fulper will play, but Justin Lewis is hurt and Max Garcia may not play. Garcia burnt his redshirt for like twelve plays; I imagine they'll try to get that back.

Terps M Soccer Defeats Penn 4-0
In NCAAT second round. Get Penn State in the next round at Ludwig next Sunday.

WBB: Terps Cruise Past American
Terps rise to 3-1.

Introducing the UMD Competitive Eating Team

JP Tokoto Mixtape: Yep, He's Athletic
And long.

Tokoto has been offered and has already visited College Park. Better than Justin Anderson? I leave that up to you.