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Maryland-Illinois GameThread

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The real world kept me from getting this up until now. Quickie preview here. Game's at 5:00 on ESPN2. Online viewers, there should be a stream here (pw: juanjuan).

Random, Baseless Prediction: There will be a Maryland run of at least 8-0 at some point during the game. Illinois went scoreless for a long stretch against Texas and Gary William teams usually find some mini-runs. Also, and I'm going out on a huge limb here, Maryland will shoot better than 60% from the free throw line.

Gut says Maryland doesn't bounce back well from the Pitt loss. Inexperienced team facing a lot of athleticism and experience, yadda yadda yadda. If Maryland plays like they did against Pitt, they'll be in it. If not, and I have a hunch that they might not, Illini by 10.

I'll compromise and say Illinois by 7, with Maryland making it close with a second-half run.