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Get Excited: It's Florida State Week

made this request/gave this advice a week ago, but I'm doing it again, because it needs to be said.

We're analytical by nature; we like to break things down and analyze and point out weird coaching decisions and tout Danny O'Brien as the future of this team and the ACC in general. That's why you're here and why I'm writing.

We may be the superfans of the fan population, but we're all fans in our core. The reasons we're fans in the first place is because we feel some kind of attachment to the Maryland Terrapins and enjoy seeing them win games and championships. This team has done the first; miraculously, they have a chance to do the second.

Forget, for a week minus Wednesday, that we're a basketball school. Forget, for a week, that we're not really sure if Maryland's a good team. Forget, for a week, that Friedgenfranklinstein are heading this team and will probably be back next year if Maryland wins this game. Forget, for a week, that whole Friedgenfranklinstein situation in general. Forget, for a week, that Maryland's secondary and defensive line are both borderline terrible. Forget, for a week, that this is a game that Maryland is a huge underdog in and will probably lose. Forget, for a week, that Maryland's only beaten one good team so far.

Just ignore it all. Maryland plays Florida State this Saturday, and it's a literal must-win for the ACC Atlantic. It's under the lights on Saturday night. It's on ABC. It's a blackout. Danny O'Brien is our quarterback. It's going to be in the mid-30s and a little windy. It's against Florida State.

There's no Dallas Week (Pittsburgh Week for Ravens fans, I guess) or Duke Week in football. This is as close as we'll come. Just embrace the team, believe in them, and get excited.

It's Florida State week. Let's go win a championship, eh?