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Maryland Minute 11.12.10 - Terps Recruiting 2012 Star Tokoto

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IMS Exclusive: Terps Tracking Tokoto
IMS bringing the freebie hard. JP Tokoto is a universal top 40 talent (6-5 swingman) that used to be top 10 before a poor summer showing. He still has the all the potential and there seems to be a general consensus that it's just a matter of time before he rises back up in the rankings. He visited College Park over the summer; it's a tad early to say too much definitive, but it's enough to know a little. Get truly excited when he cuts his list.

Requisite video:

Through One Week, Pe'Shon is a Name to Remember - Andy Katz
How could you forget it?

The offseason question for the Terps was who would replace Greivis Vasquez's leadership, moxie and overall late-game magic. The answer came rather quickly toward the end of the College of Charleston game. Howard made not just one, but two big-time shots to beat the Cougars. The second was all Howard, taking the ball down court and hitting a fall-back dagger of a jumper to win the game at the last second.

There's no love lost between Cavaliers and Terps - AP Preview
Seriously, we're rivals? I don't like UVA, but I don't think it's an active dislike. Am I alone?

Travis Hughes Deciding on Dec 18
And he'll visit Maryland (again) for the blackout game against FSU. Clemson gets the last visit, but that'll be their only one, while Maryland will be getting a solid 2 or 3. Longshot for sure, but Hughes would be a game-changing commitment. He's just as good, if not better than, Mackall at the same stage, though they're very different players. Founds this interesting:

"There’s a strong two for sure, but I ain’t going to say who," he said.

Smart money says UNC and Clemson. It's almost a certainty that UNC is in there.

Hubert Visited Princeton Today

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
You know what to do.

Wake's Starting PG Tony Chennault Out for 8-10 Weeks
They're now down their starting C (Tony Woods) and PG (Chennault). J.T. Terrell is cool an' all, and Travis McKie is underrated, but they're going to be pretty bad.

The Georgia Tech Basketball Drinking Game - From The Rumble Seat
Ha. Gary > Paul Hewitt.

Drink for every turnover Tech commits. Drink for every free throw Tech misses. Drink twice for every incomprehensible timeout Paul Hewitt calls in the final minutes of a game.